Educational Visits

Educational visits and experiences in school play a huge part in our children's learning and we take a great deal of care in planning and preparing trips that are fun, engaging and memorable.

News of when a trip is approaching will be shared  via our newsletters and text messages. Letters confirming details of individual trips will be sent out to Parents and Carers nearer the start of the trip.

Can Parents Help On Trips?

We are always delighted for parents to show their support for school with trips and events.  Please check with your child's class teacher if you are able to offer a few hours to help supervise our children on an educational visit or trip.

School Learning Area

Visits/activities within the ‘School Learning Area’ that are part of the normal curriculum and take place during the normal school day. Staff taking groups out for learning in our school learning area are competent to supervise their group during the activity, and pupils will be clearly explained what the expectations are for safety and behaviour.

These visits/activities: