SEND Support

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

At Meadstead Primary Academy, we believe in the importance of every child achieving their ‘potential’, making good progress and enjoying their learning experience through 'Quality First Teaching'. As an academy when we plan any learning opportunity, our children and their needs are the central focus.

However, for some of our children there are occasions when additional support is required to allow us to support the next steps in their learning journey. Additional support may be given for a set period of time or for a longer period to ensure every child can access our curriculum effectively and are fully included in learning opportunities and school events. Our parents/carers are informed, included and supported throughout such periods of provision.

If a child’s needs are significantly greater than the majority of children of the same age, or they have a disability which affects their ability to access the  curriculum for the age group, then they may be considered to have Special or Additional Educational Needs.

Their needs may be in the area of:

At Meadstead Primary Academy, teaching and learning opportunities are adapted and continually evaluated (with the support of external agencies when required) to ensure the needs of all of our children are met. Parents/carers should not feel unduly anxious about such additional support, which at our academy allows all children to receive the specific help they need to make the next steps in their exciting learning journey.

The SEND team consists of:

Miss S Margeresen- Interim Principal

Mrs Louise Stather - SENCO and Vice Principal

Mrs H Lockwood - Communication and Interaction Lead Teacher and Specialist

Communication and Interaction Team (Resource Provision)

Mrs Jackie Guest - Pastoral Lead & Thrive Practitioner 

Mr Louise stather- Behaviour Lead 

Miss J Clemit- Hive Lead Teacher (Assessment Centre)

Teaching assistants throughout the school who assist in classroom and extra curriculum delivery.

A glossary of all SEND terms can been found to download at the bottom of this page and you can hopefully find answers to all your questions by clicking through the presentation below. You can now also access the recently produced DfE 'easy-read' SEND guides, one for parents/carers and one for children, from the bottom of the page.

Meadstead SEND Newsletter 

SEND Newsletter - Spring 2

SEND Offer

Copy of SEND information for website

You can find out more about services provided by Barnsley Local Authority, including their 'local offer' by going to their website page.


At Meadstead Primary Academy we support emotional and behavioural issues using a systematic approach called ‘Thrive’. Thrive supports young people with their emotional health, well being and social skills, all of which are needed for learning to take place. Thrive is based on up to date brain science and research into child development and helps staff in the academy to adapt their approach to individual children to build self-esteem, well-being and behaviour.  Over the last six months four of our academy staff have undergone extensive training in the Thrive approach and they now form the core of our Thrive team.

The Thrive approach begins with a whole class computerised screening, which takes place each September, where teachers answer a series of questions about each child in the class. The software then identifies any scholars who would benefit from a more detailed assessment, which in turn suggests ideas, activities and strategies to support the individual child.  We will of course let you know of any concerns revealed by the screening and you will be fully consulted and involved in any follow-up activities. Sometimes it may be useful to share the results with other agencies, for example our educational psychologist or behaviour advisor and we will discuss this with you before making any formal referral.   You can find out more about Thrive by downloading the sheet from the bottom of the page and looking at their website here.

Specialist external support

If we (or you) feel that we can’t provide the best support for your child using the resources within the academy then we will work with you to seek the most appropriate support.  For example, we regularly have an educational psychologist visit us to provide advice and can arrange an appointment if you wish to discuss any issues.  Please ask if you feel that this could be helpful.

Pastoral support

Mrs Guest is Pastoral Lead and can provide support for any concerns such as parenting or behaviour difficulties, bereavement, bullying, parental separation, domestic violence or substance abuse.  Call in or contact her at any time.