Academy Uniform

There are a lot of questions being asked about the Academy uniform, please see information below.

All children are expected to wear the academy uniform. 

Compulsory academy uniform consists of the following (Nursery to Year 5):

Compulsory Year 6 Academy Uniform consists of:

Compulsory Academy PE kit for children consists of the following:

PE Kit should be worn to school on PE days.

Earrings - Where earrings cannot be removed (only in the initial 6 weeks, it is recommended that children have their ears pierced in the 6 weeks holiday), we can tape over earrings for P.E. lessons but parents must supply the plasters to ensure there is no allergic reaction. We strongly recommend that children leave their earrings at home on PE and swimming days. Children will not be excused from PE due to having their ears pierced. If children forget to leave their earrings at home, they will be asked to remove them and we will not be held responsible if the earrings go missing. With younger children, it is vital that parents/carers take full responsibility for the removal of earrings at home. Parents may be requested to come and remove the earrings.

The Academy Uniform can be purchased from various retailers including Vortex and Grafters Warehouse with the school logo, other retailers such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys will sell the non-branded uniform. (Logo Optional)

Academy Uniform Policy

Meadstead - School Uniform Policy