Class Durham (Y6)

         Welcome to Class Durham

      Teachers - Miss Paige Watson 

       Support - Miss Roxanne Foster

P.E day

Year 6 P.E day is Thursday. However, P.E can be dropped in at any day of the week. Your child needs their P.E kit in school Monday to Friday, due to Character Curriculum sometimes involving P.E. Your child may come to school in their PE on a Wednesday. 

P.E kit consists on a white top, black shorts and trainers. 

We strongly advise that ears are pierced in the six week holidays and they will be expected to remove them for P.E lessons. If this is not possible, your child needs to bring plasters into school to cover the earring themselves.


Homework will be given out on a Monday. This will consist of maths, English specific work, plus spellings. Due to these spellings being essential to be working at the year 6 standard, learning of these spellings are strongly advised. We will have our weekly spelling test on Friday morning.

Reading at home 

Reading records and home reading books will be sent out daily. It is an expectation that your child reads at home independently, to an adult or be read to by an adult. This then needs recording in their home reading record to communicate with class teachers on their progression through reading.  This allows us to communicate between home and school on your child's reading fluency development.  


Our first trip will be to Crucial Crew on Tuesday 29th November, where children will be looking at different scenarios on how to be safe in different environments. We are also hoping as part of Character Curriculum that the children will be able to visit Barnsley College where they will be able to build on and develop new skills. 


Please follow our class twitter @ClassDurham for daily updates and reminders!