Dealing with headlice

Dealing with Headlice

We have been asked to provide parents with information regarding Headlice. One of the most successful campaigns is "Once a week take a peek." However this will only work if everyone checks the family's hair for headlice every week and then gets rid of lice if they are found. Further information can be found at this website

If you should find headlice in your child's hair it is essential that you let the academy office know. Please do not be embarrassed about this as headlice are a normal part of life and not something to be worried, panicked or ashamed about.  You do not need to keep your child away from the academy.   The academy will inform other parents of the class that there has been a case of headlice (no names will be disclosed) by letter.

It would be wonderful if we could make this campaign a success and get rid of the nuisance of headlice, so please take the time to watch the short video below,  read the leaflet which you download from the bottom of the page and get into the routine of taking a peek every week!

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