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Class Sheffield

Class Sheffield

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Class Teacher -  Mrs Gilbert 

Teaching assistants—Mr Bailey and Mrs Oldfield

  Autumn 1 - Topic Web 

Welcome to Year 2, we hope that you have enjoyed the summer holidays.

This half term we are looking forward to learning all about pirates.

 Autumn 2- Topic Web

                                                                   This half term we are going to be historians.



This term children will have weekly spellings and times tables to practise at home. 

Weekly Learning

posted 20 Nov 2017, 05:23 by Rachel Gilbert   [ updated 20 Nov 2017, 05:24 ]

In literacy this week we will be focusing on the story 'Vlad & The Great Fire of London.' In reading children will be answering comprehension questions based on the text. In writing we will be following the talk for writing structure, where we will re-tell the story, making alterations.

In topic we will be looking at the 4 countries in the United Kingdom and what their capital cities are.

In maths we are moving onto subtraction- see the poster below for the method that we are using. 

Have a go:- 45 - 3 = , 22 - 5 =, 39 - 8 =, 56 - 30 =, 49 - 10 =, 34 - 22 =, 78 - 15 =, 89 - 72 =, 61 - 23 =, 43- 27 =


London's Burning

posted 7 Nov 2017, 07:42 by Rachel Gilbert   [ updated 7 Nov 2017, 07:43 ]

This week we have been looking at Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.   

Next week we will start looking at The Great Fire of London, if you would like a challenge at home you could research some facts about The Great Fire of London or build a Tudor style house to show to the class.

Happpppy Halloween!

posted 23 Oct 2017, 11:01 by Rachel Gilbert

Class Sheffield enjoyed carving pumpkins in today's outdoor learning lesson. We hope that everyone has a spooktacular Halloween over the holidays!


posted 19 Oct 2017, 08:40 by Rachel Gilbert

This week we have looked at the festival 'Diwali' and re-telling the story of Rama and Sita. 

The children enjoyed designing their own Rangoli patterns.

If you want to watch the story take a look at the link below.

Weekly Learning

posted 10 Oct 2017, 08:32 by Rachel Gilbert

The children in Class Sheffield have enjoyed performing pirate poem's in our drama session today.

In maths this week we are learning to order 2 digit numbers. Can you solve this?

56       65     5     20      8      2

In writing we are learning to use co-ordinating conjunctions to join 2 simple sentences. Can you write your own sentences?

and     but   or

Weekly Learning

posted 25 Sep 2017, 07:01 by Rachel Gilbert   [ updated 25 Sep 2017, 07:03 ]

In maths we are continuing to work on writing numbers to 100-  we need to be able to show them in words, as a number and as a representation. 

e.g.   46, forty six and 

We are also looking at how to partition a 2 digit number in different ways.      40 + 6,     30 + 16,    20 + 26 and    10 + 36.

In literacy we are working on writing sentences using- nouns, adjectives and verbs.

In science we will be investigating the properties of different materials.

Any home learning brought in will be shared in class! 


posted 22 Sep 2017, 08:04 by Rachel Gilbert

Practise reading and writing these words, as much practise as possible please. 

Talk like a Pirate Day 2017

posted 21 Sep 2017, 12:10 by Rachel Gilbert   [ updated 21 Sep 2017, 12:15 ]

Class Sheffield pupils looked arrrrrmazing dressed as pirates. We had lots of fun!

Home Learning- Pirate Creative Ideas

posted 6 Sep 2017, 11:22 by Rachel Gilbert   [ updated 6 Sep 2017, 11:23 ]

It would be great for the children to continue their topic learning at home, and then bring in their work to share with us.

Some ideas for this half term are:-

  • to create a treasure map
  • to make a treasure chest &/or treasure
  • to make a telescope
  • to draw Captain Hook and write a description of him- remember to use lots of expanded noun phrases!

We look forward to seeing your work in class!

Handa's Surprise

posted 2 May 2017, 07:38 by Rachel Gilbert

We have been learning the story of Handa's Surprise linked to our topic of Africa. We are now writing our own versions of Handa's Surprise. If you would like to watch the story follow this link. 

Handa's Surprise video

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