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Class Teacher -  Mrs Gilbert 

Teaching assistants—Mr Bailey and Mrs Oldfield

 Summer 1- Topic Web

                       This half term we are going to be focusing on developing our geography knowledge, we will be comparing Africa to the UK.




This term children will have weekly spellings and SATs revision booklets to complete.

Learning about Africa

posted 24 Apr 2018, 09:39 by Rachel Gilbert

Class Sheffield have enjoyed re-writing the Tinga Tinga tale 'Why Elephant has a Trunk.' Watch the clip here and search online for many more.

We have also been looking at the continent of Africa and labelling some of the countries. We have identified Kenya and Tanzania. 

Snow Days!

posted 2 Mar 2018, 02:38 by Rachel Gilbert

We hope that all children and families have enjoyed playing in the snow and have had a fantastic few days. 

If you would like some work for your child linked to our topics there is some ideas listed below :-  

  • Use the links to create a factfile or poster about Florence Nightingale or Mary Seacole-
  • Practise telling the time to o'clock, half past, quarter to or quarter past. If you feel like a challenge move onto 5 minute intervals!
  • Try these arithmetic questions:
40 + ______ = 100
30 + ____ = 50
4 + 2 + 7 =
6 + 2 + 4 =
67 + 13 =
56 - 13 =
4 x 3 =
12 shared by 4 =
1/4 of 20 =

Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Weekly Learning

posted 6 Feb 2018, 07:29 by Rachel Gilbert

This week we are working on money in maths, the children have impressed me with recognising the coins and notes. We have also used the coins to make different amounts of money e.g. 34p, 16p and £1.40.

In writing we are focusing on sentence types and are writing a letter linked to the story Meerkat Mail.

Eureka pics 4

posted 24 Jan 2018, 08:34 by Rachel Gilbert

Eureka pics 3

posted 24 Jan 2018, 08:32 by Rachel Gilbert

Eureka pics 2

posted 24 Jan 2018, 08:30 by Rachel Gilbert


posted 24 Jan 2018, 08:25 by Rachel Gilbert



posted 22 Jan 2018, 06:41 by Rachel Gilbert

This week we are looking forward to our trip to Eureka. In writing we are focusing on recounts and in maths we are solving addition and subtraction word problems. Some of the children have even started to use the column method. Well done!

Happy New Year

posted 8 Jan 2018, 09:04 by Rachel Gilbert

It was great to see all of the children back today.

In literacy this week we will be focusing on using conjunctions in our sentences.
In maths we are focusing on 3D shapes. 

Christmas Party!

posted 5 Dec 2017, 08:33 by Rachel Gilbert

The children enjoyed our party today. We had lots of tasty food, enjoyed playing party games and did some great dancing!

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