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Class Cambridge

                                                    Welcome to Class Cambridge

                                                             Teacher - Miss Forster

                                                               Support - Mrs Riley

There will be new posts on this page regularly. Please keep checking to find out what we've been up to in Class Cambridge. 


posted 7 Jul 2017, 03:39 by Sophie Forster

We've been extremely busy rehearsing for our performance of Oliver and Wednesday saw the grand finale. The hall was packed and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it (the homemade cakes went down a treat too).

Photos will be posted on social media.

Aspirations Day at Barnsley College

posted 12 Jun 2017, 08:58 by Sophie Forster

Year enjoyed an inspiring day at Barnsely College. They all received a tour of the impressive facilities and then had a taster session in one of health & social care, engineering or business. It was great the hear the children asking so many questions and getting excited at the prospect of further education. 

Victorian clothing

posted 4 May 2017, 09:41 by Sophie Forster

Today, Miss Brinklow brought full Victorian outfits in for us to see just how impractical they are.
The photo shows two of our class doing a brilliant job of modelling.


posted 21 Apr 2017, 00:03 by Sophie Forster

This term will be filled with Victorian fun in the lead up to our performance of Oliver!
We have started to practise our songs and are really enjoying these.

We'll be writing a guide to being a good Victorian, arguing about the value of workhouses and bringing the characters of Oliver! to life.

Food Waste

posted 28 Mar 2017, 07:46 by Sophie Forster

Year 6 are not happy with the amount of food being wasted so we are doing something about it. We are looking at persuasive techniques in order to stand on the soap box and read their passionate speeches. They are currently being drafted but we will be invited you to listen to our finished pieces. 

It's pack your bag day!

posted 14 Feb 2017, 05:17 by Sophie Forster

Class Cambridge are off on their residential tomorrow.
Look out for some action shots on the website and social media when we return.

How do we see?

posted 8 Feb 2017, 05:12 by Sophie Forster

Year 6 have been investigating how we can see objects using a mirror, torch and black paper.
Have a look at the photos to see us in action.

Here are our thoughts:

"When you turn on a light, it reflects off the object so you can see it. That's impressive, before this experiment I thought the light just went into your eyes." 

"I just thought that the light meant you could see and now I know how we actually see."

"Since our lesson, I've seen light reflecting off some objects on to the wall."

"When the lights are off, things aren't invisible. You can't see them clearly as there isn't enough light to reflect off the objects."

Was King Arthur real?

posted 24 Jan 2017, 01:39 by Sophie Forster

Class Cambridge became archaeologists for the day and excavated some exciting Anglo-Saxon treasures. Unbelievably,they think they have found the remains of an Anglo-Saxon warrior ship and a king. Could it be King Arthur himself? We have sent our findings to Sutton Hoo News and reports are currently being published; these will be shared as soon as they have been edited. 

King Arthur and Merlin

posted 24 Jan 2017, 01:30 by Sophie Forster

CLick on the link to see this half term's curriculum map:

How does light travel?

posted 10 Jan 2017, 07:49 by Sophie Forster

We have started our light topic by investigating how shadows are formed.

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