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                                                             Teacher - Mrs Kehoe

                                                               Support - Mrs Riley

Welcome to Class Cambridge's homepage, on here you will find out all about what we have been up to in year 6. The site will be updated regularly with posts, pictures and out learning. 

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Hate Crime Rap

posted 15 Oct 2018, 13:02 by Katie Kehoe

Year 6 have been writing a Hate Crime Rap, with Mr Cairns, this term to enter into the South Yorkshire Police's Hate Crime Competition. This is the finished piece! 

You could be listening to a future Jay-Z or Kanya West!!

A message from Mrs Smith to Year 6

posted 15 May 2018, 06:04 by Year 6 Miss Thornton

A special message to our Class Cambridge (yr6) Parents:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you will be aware,  this week your child will take their Key Stage 2 SATs tests. These tests are used to help compare schools with each other so that the "powers that be" have an indication of how well each school in is performing academically. They are also used to measure how much progress your child has made since being at our Academy and to predict how well your child will do with their GCSEs in six years’ time.

What they do not measure is how well your child dances 🕺, plays different sports🏏⚽️, sings 🎤, plays instruments 🎼, laughs😂, helps 👫, mentors others 👨👦👦, cries 😪and smiles😀. They do not take into account how much effort your child has put into their learning (which has been over and above the expectation of anyone in the Academy). They are simply a measure of how well they perform in a particular test on a particular day (and we all know how reliable that measure can be 🤔).

At Meadstead, we are proud that our children are more than just statistics, each child is unique. We are proud that our children take part in many different clubs, sports and activities. We are proud that our children will stop to help others and have fantastic manners. The children go out of their way to be kind and show how resilient they are on a daily basis. We see them simply as super stars 🌟🌟.

That is what we are proud of.

So please remember, yes, these tests are important, but they are not the be all and end all. 

This week, help your child relax. Have fun with them. Go for a walk, have a BBQ/picnic (regardless of the 🌧☀️), spend time with family and friends. 

Life is more than just tests. Meadstead Primary Academy is about more than just tests, we believe in developing every talent shown by your child! 

We hope you all have a great week. 

Mrs Smith and the whole team at Meadstead.

Year 6 update!

posted 11 Apr 2018, 12:23 by Year 6 Miss Thornton   [ updated 15 May 2018, 06:01 ]

In between all our hard work around SATs revision, over the next few weeks we will be designing and creating Victorian cross stitch patterns of our own!
Today we have been focusing on our designs ready to put these into practice next Wednesday. 

Year 6 have been working extremely hard this week in preparation for their SATs - their dedication is truly amazing. 
However, we have had an important discussion in our class this week and the whole of Year 6 disagree with the statement released by an education expert, who states that students should revise for 7 hours a day during the Easter holidays! We are all dedicated and understand the importance of revision but we have come to the conclusion that we think the amount of time he is recommending is excessive and unrealistic. This week we will be writing a letter to the education expert in response to his statement to express our concerns. Go Year 6!

Something to keep Year 6 busy!

posted 2 Mar 2018, 03:30 by Year 6 Miss Thornton

Hi Year 6!

Hope you've had an amazing time in the snow and have made the most of it while it's here!

I would love to hear all about it so I am going to set you a challenge!

Can you write me a detailed recount about your snow day? 
Remember all those grammatical features that can help make your writing more exciting!
(We can then share these stories on Monday when you return.)

Ditch the TV for an hour and read at least 2 chapters of your current book.
Record this in your reading journals.

Of course I've left you some arithmetic practice: It's attached to this post.
You don't need to print - just do it on some paper :-)

Have a lovely weekend and I can't wait to see you all on Monday :-)

Year 6 Twitter

posted 10 Feb 2018, 23:59 by Year 6 Miss Thornton   [ updated 11 Feb 2018, 00:21 ]

Homework 11.01.18

posted 10 Jan 2018, 08:15 by Year 6 Miss Thornton   [ updated 11 Jan 2018, 00:11 ]

Homework 23/11/17

posted 23 Nov 2017, 06:02 by Year 6 Miss Thornton

Thank you! WINNERS!

posted 19 Nov 2017, 11:58 by Year 6 Miss Thornton

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for our Year 6 in the hate hurts competition.


Year 6 have won the hate hurts competition with their rap! There were over 40 entries and we were shortlisted to the final four and voted winners by the public vote.
We have won a free school trip to the Tropical Butterfly House!

Trip date to be confirmed!

Crucial Crew Visit

posted 19 Nov 2017, 11:54 by Year 6 Miss Thornton

Tomorrow Year 6 will be attending Crucial Crew.

Please ensure students arrive at school no later than 8.25 and are wearing a warm coat and sensible shoes.

Photos of the day to follow shortly after! :-)

Homework 6/11/17

posted 16 Nov 2017, 04:33 by Year 6 Miss Thornton

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