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Class Leeds


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Class Teacher - Miss Ward

Teaching support - Mrs Smith


Welcome to year 1! 

Topic for Spring 2

This term we look forward to becoming weather experts!

P.E day
Your child's P.E lesson is on a Monday afternoon. Please bring your child's P.E kit on a Monday and take home on a Friday. Any earrings need to be taken out or covered with a plaster. 

This term's homework will consist of weekly spellings and a task relevant to the weeks learning.

Spring 2 Week 1

posted 14 Feb 2018, 07:04 by Bethan Ward

Welcome back to school! 
We are looking forward to becoming weather experts!

Maths: In maths we will be finishing our topic of money. We will become shop assistants and use coins and notes to pay for items!

Writing: This week we have been sent a message in a bottle. Class Leeds are investigating who it could be from!

Topic: In topic we will be making sail boats and investigating the four seasons!

Spring 1 Week 4

posted 29 Jan 2018, 10:58 by Bethan Ward

Maths: We are super stars at addition and subtraction. So .. we have moved on to finding missing numbers in these calculations! 

English: We are reading Mrs Smith's favourite book 'We're going on a bear hunt'. We will be going on our own adventure and then writing a recount of it!

Topic: We will be investigating a missing animal from the zoo! 

Eureka trip!

posted 25 Jan 2018, 00:16 by Bethan Ward

Class Leeds and Class Sheffield set off to visit Eureka yesterday! The children were all super well behaved, and had so much fun exploring the galleries! 


Spring 1 Week 3

posted 22 Jan 2018, 07:42 by Bethan Ward

Maths: We are moving on from shape onto general arithmetic! We will be developing our ability to add and subtract mentally. 

English: We are going to become story makers! We will be writing a class book called 'The ? who came to tea'. We are super excited! 

Topic: This week is our school trip to Eureka! We are looking forward to learning lots! 

Spring 1 Week 2

posted 16 Jan 2018, 05:29 by Bethan Ward

English: In writing this week we are focusing on writing the story of 'The tiger who came to tea'. We will be re-writing the story in our own words using talk for writing and story maps. We will then look at adding in exclamation and question marks; conjunctions and adjectives. 

Maths: We are coming to the end of our shape topic. We have had lots of fun investigating 2-D and 3-D shapes! 

Topic: This week we are going to be researching animals who live in cold climates. We will be working as a team to gather information and then report back to the class with our findings! 

Spring 1 Week 1

posted 2 Jan 2018, 03:48 by Bethan Ward   [ updated 2 Jan 2018, 04:01 ]

Happy new year! 
We look forward to welcoming Class Leeds back to school! 

English: In writing this week, we will be focusing on using exclamation and question marks correctly. We will be doing this through a fabulous book called 'Dear Dinosaur'. 

Maths: In maths, we are starting to build up our mathematical knowledge to be able to do general arithmetic. We will be working really hard to become mathematicians this term! 

Topic: We will be focusing on animals and the conditions in which they live in! 

Autumn 2 Week 5 & 6!

posted 10 Dec 2017, 07:26 by Bethan Ward

We will be having a busy two weeks over the Christmas period! 

In maths, we will be finishing off our unit of work on numbers 20-100. We are getting ready to start our new topic on shapes!

Over the two weeks, we will be writing character descriptions focusing on using adjectives. We will be writing lots of descriptions based around Christmas characters or objects!

We are also busy practicing for our Christmas performance 'The Angel Express'. We have worked very hard on our lines and songs, we are excited for you all to see it! 

Autumn 2 Week 4

posted 24 Nov 2017, 05:25 by Bethan Ward

Maths: I maths this week we will be focusing on addition and subtraction facts 0-20. We then hope to move on to the next unit of our work, which will be to explore numbers 20-100! 

Writing: In writing we will be retelling the story of Goldilocks through a talk for writing approach. We will then be creating our very first class book. Which will be full of alternative stories of Goldilocks as our BIG WRITE. 

Topic: We will continue our work focusing on houses and homes. 

Goldilock's porridge!

posted 24 Nov 2017, 05:21 by Bethan Ward

In literacy this week we have been making things to write the instructions in our books. Today, we had a request from a special young girl, Goldilocks. She asked us to write her a set of instructions so that she knows how to make porridge. We made porridge, wrote our instructions to send to Goldilocks and then we ate it! Yummy!
Our writing was fantastic today! 

Jam sandwich robots!

posted 20 Nov 2017, 05:38 by Bethan Ward

We have been making jam sandwiches today as robots. We have then written our instructions in our writing books using conjunctions to extend our sentences. They were really yummy! 

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