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Class Leeds


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Class Teacher - Miss Ward

Teaching support - Mrs Smith


Welcome to year 1! 

Topic for Summer 2

This term we look forward to looking at the seaside!

P.E day
Your child's P.E lesson is on a Monday afternoon. Please bring your child's P.E kit on a Monday and take home on a Friday. Any earrings need to be taken out or covered with a plaster. 

This term's homework will consist of weekly spellings and a task relevant to the weeks learning.

We love gardening!

posted 20 Jun 2018, 00:34 by Bethan Ward

The children yesterday went gardening with Mrs Smith as a special treat! You did superb! 

Summer 2 Week 2

posted 18 Jun 2018, 00:11 by Bethan Ward

English: In writing this week we will be focusing on adjectives! We are going to be focusing our work around 'The Lighthouse keepers lunch'! 

Maths: We will be finishing off our work on multiplication and then moving onto division! 

Topic: We are going to be investigating the seaside ready for our trip to Scarborough in a couple of weeks! 

Summer 1 Week 1

posted 18 Jun 2018, 00:08 by Bethan Ward

Welcome back! 

This week it is phonics screening week! Please reassure your child that there is nothing to worry about and they will all do fantastic! 

Summer 1 Week 6

posted 15 May 2018, 05:27 by Bethan Ward

Maths: We are focusing on telling the time to o'clock and half past a hour! 

Writing: We are becoming story writers .. we will create our own version of 'The enormous turnip'. 

Topic: We are looking forward to learning and emerging ourselves in the royal wedding! 

Summer 1 Week 5

posted 8 May 2018, 06:23 by Bethan Ward

Maths: In maths we are looking at time. We will be spending lots of lessons focusing and really digging deep into the subject! 

Writing: We will be writing acrostic poems about Oliver and his vegetables with a focus on adjectives!

Topic: We are becoming an artist and creating mosaic sunflowers!

Lots of phonics worksheets will be coming home, please encourage your child to work on these! 

Summer 1 Week 4

posted 1 May 2018, 07:31 by Bethan Ward

Maths: This week we are focusing on 3-D shapes and knowing all the properties of the shapes! 

Writing: We are focusing on a book called 'Oliver's vegetable's. We will be writing instructions to help people to grow potatoes just like Oliver!

Topic: We will be focusing on painting and drawing 'in the garden' objects and living things. We will then try and label them! 

Summer 1 Week 3

posted 24 Apr 2018, 08:53 by Bethan Ward

Maths: In maths we are working on time and capacity! 

Writing: We have been writing the story of 'Jack and the beanstalk' for two whole weeks now. It is now our time to change the character of the giant, and create our own version of the story! 

This week it is our StandUpToCancer bake sale at 3pm on Thursday 26th April! Please come and support your child in raising money for a fantastic charity! 

Reading to the moon!

posted 24 Apr 2018, 08:50 by Bethan Ward

We have been doing some fantastic home reading! These children have either moved their star up to the next rocket or read their way to the moon. Well done superstars! 

Planting pumpkin seeds!

posted 24 Apr 2018, 08:47 by Bethan Ward

We have had lots of fun planting pumpkin seeds! We then wrote some fantastic instructions to help other people to plant them too! 

Snow day!

posted 2 Mar 2018, 02:41 by Bethan Ward

We hope that all children and their families have had a lovely few snow days! 

Hopefully all children have had snow ball fights, made snow men and angels! 

If you would like some work for your child to complete whilst at home, there are some ideas listed below: 

Maths: Please focus on addition and subtraction, numbers between 0-20! 
Here is a link if you would like to do it interactively: 

Writing: If your child would like to complete some writing, your child could complete a diary entry about their snow days! 
Can they include: conjunctions, adjectives, exclamation and question marks? 

Topic: If your child would like to do any work based around our topic of 'weather experts', your child could: 
- Paint a picture of the weather
- Draw a picture of the weather 
- Make a weather dial 
- Make a weather chart 

Please stay safe, have fun and we hope to see you all safe and sound on Monday! 

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