Autumn 2

Post date: Jan 3, 2017 8:42:36 AM

Autumn 2 - Topic/theme

During this half term we are explored the topic Traditional Tales.

Below is a copy our curriculum map highlighting the learning outcomes across the EYFS.

We learnt lots about -

Goldilocks and the Three Bears during Week One,

Nursery Rhymes during Week Two,

Three Little Pigs during Week Three,

Little Red Riding Hood during Week Four,

The Gingerbread Man during Week Five,

The Nativity during Week Six, and

Christmas during Week Seven.

Christmas Concert

Friday 9th December at 9:30am

Our nursery children had lots of fun taking part in our annual Christmas Concert with Freshers Barnsley (FS2) children.

They did a fantastic job of taking on board the role of carol singers :-)