Snow Days

Post date: Mar 2, 2018 11:19:14 AM

We hope you are enjoying the snow days, plenty of snowmen building, snowball fights, sledging and of course keeping warm with a nice hot chocolate.

As we have now missed three days of school, we felt it would be important to place some homework onto the website for children to keep their minds active. Below are some links to various websites, games and quizzes that the children can play. Alternatively, the children could write a winters story, poem or diary of something they have done. For any completed work handed in, children will receive a bumble and if parents could write in the children's reading diaries when they have read and done any of the online activities, same rewards will apply.

Suggested webpages

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully see you all on Monday with lots of Bumbles to hand out.


Mrs Owen-Smith, Mrs Jones and Miss Joys