Year 6 update!

Post date: Apr 11, 2018 7:23:03 PM

In between all our hard work around SATs revision, over the next few weeks we will be designing and creating Victorian cross stitch patterns of our own!

Today we have been focusing on our designs ready to put these into practice next Wednesday.

Year 6 have been working extremely hard this week in preparation for their SATs - their dedication is truly amazing.

However, we have had an important discussion in our class this week and the whole of Year 6 disagree with the statement released by an education expert, who states that students should revise for 7 hours a day during the Easter holidays! We are all dedicated and understand the importance of revision but we have come to the conclusion that we think the amount of time he is recommending is excessive and unrealistic. This week we will be writing a letter to the education expert in response to his statement to express our concerns. Go Year 6!