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Home Learning

posted 29 Mar 2018, 03:49 by Katie Dunderdale
We hope you have a fantastic Easter holiday. The teacher would love to hear about what fun you have had. 
In your homework book can you write or draw pictures about your Easter. 
In school children will share their work with the class. 

Some fun ideas for the holidays 
Count Easter eggs   Compare more or less than other people 
Can you make a model using egg packaging?
Can you have a meal using eggs?  Scrambled egg?

After the holidays our topic is journeys, can you share any journeys you have been on?
Train ride, walk, boat ride, bike ride, journey on a bus. 
You can write or draw in your book/ put photos in book. 

Please feel free to share any exciting learning on early essence, parental contributions really help in providing evidence upon learning.